Stacks Image 85 is an organization established to help iRacers give back to those in need. We love iRacing but we also love to give and help others. That is what is all about - Racing...Winning...Giving.

Every time an member WINS A RACE on, the member donates money to a charity or non-profit of their choice providing help for those in need!
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Total Donations to Date
1021Wins$12,116 Given by members!
Team Latest Wins
06.21.15Sion AlfordChicagoClass B Oval$15Heart for the Kingdom
06.20.15Wayne StroutMonzaClass C Road$15Christian Motorsports Inter
06.20.15Paul SlavonikWatkins GlenClass C Road$5Orphan Secure
06.19.15Paul LyonsWatkins GlenClass C Road$15Compassion Inter
06.17.15Sion AlfordIowaClass C Oval$15Heart for the Kingdom
06.17.15Wayne StroutMonzaClass C Road$15Christian Motorsports Inter
06.15.15Sion AlfordMichiganClass B Oval$15Heart for the Kingdom
06.15.15Sion AlfordLaguna SecaWeek 13 Road$15Heart for the Kingdom
06.14.15Robert UnderwoodMichiganLeague Race$5Drive to Stop Diabetes
06.11.15Paul LyonsTalladegaClass R Oval$15Operation300
06.08.15Sion AlfordTexasClass C Oval$15Heart for the Kingdom
06.07.15Sion AlfordLime RockClass R Road$15Heart for the Kingdom
06.03.15Andrew HessKentuckyLeague Race$10American Cancer Society
05.30.15Andrew HessIndyClass D Oval$10American Cancer Society
05.25.15Christian StarkowGatewayClass D Oval$15SOS Kinderdorf
05.23.15Wayne StroutLime RockClass C Road$15All Who Are Thirsty
05.19.15Michael MalukSouth BostonClass D Oval$5St. Jude
05.18.15Lloyd CarverDaytonaClass A Oval$5Operation300
05.13.15Robert UnderwoodCharlotteClass C Oval$5Drive to Stop Diabetes
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